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"Go Baby Go" Gives Gift of Mobility

CMU's Society of Women Engineers and Family Health West puts on "Go Baby Go"

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- - On Saturday, Colorado Mesa University's Society of Women Engineers partnered with the Family Health West pediatric rehabilitation program to bring "Go Baby Go" to Grand Junction. The mission is to construct specially designed for children with disabilities.

"Go Baby Go" is a program originating from the University of Delaware. The goal is to adapt small mobile cars for children with disabilities. The preparation for this event started in September, and they ended up constructing six cars for six different children. "So it really promotes their social development, their language development, and cognitive development. It just makes it so that they can explore their environment and learn what they need to learn to keep up with their peers," says Michelle Raymond, a Speech Language Pathologist for Family Health West.

According to many parents of these children, seeing their joy in a moving car is amazing. But Patrick Roenicke, a parent of one of the children, says "having her in a car is cool, but seeing all these people, all these businesses and volunteers, college students and the community come together is really what's cool."

The program is run entirely off of donations. In order to donate, go to their Family Health West Foundation website for "Go Baby Go." They plan on having this event next year as well.

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