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Go Code Colorado Competition Begins

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo - The best tech minds from western Colorado are in Grand Junction for the statewide Go Code competition this weekend.

A record 310 people signed up around the state and nearly 60 in Grand Junction, the highest the competition in the Grand Valley has seen before. The competition attracts computers programmers and business minded people of all ages.

"I'm trying broaden views and kind of get more experience outside of computer science classes on campus and I figured Go Code would be an awesome way to do that," Sean Lowe, a student at Colorado Mesa University, who is on a team with other student, ssaid, "It gets me experience with a short time frame, intense workload with just with a bunch of the teammates. "

Teams will work from 8:00 a.m. through 10 p.m. Saturday, and most of the day Sunday to develop their idea.

This year's competition takes publicly-available data from all of the State of Colorado's agencies. The challenge to the teams is to create an-easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate platform for businesses to access.

"We found that that data, being open data, could be useful to businesses." Mike Hardin, the director of the business and license division of the Colorado Secretary of State's Office, said. "We certainly can move fast now and data is everywhere and open data, which is what we focus on, is becoming more and more available."

The Go Code competition uses the data as the focal point of the competition each year and creates different goals for teams to reach.

"I think we're going to go for some kind of voice assistant." Lowe said, "I think it has a lot of promise. it should be fun."

Two winners in Grand Junction will be chosen. They will be awarded a $2,000 prize and move on to face the winners from the Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins and Durango Competition.

The winner of the state-wide competition will see their idea developed and win a $15,000 prize.





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