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Golden Apple Award Winner June: Katie Day!

The KREX 5 Golden Apple Award is wonderful partnership with District 51 here in Mesa County. It's a chance for us to recognize the hard work, dedication and the care our teachers have for their students here in the Grand Valley. The June winner of the Golden Apple Award is Katie Day.


She teaches at the Dual Immersion Academy...and Katie? She loves kids! She teaches pre-school at DIA and when she took the job? She doesn't speak Spanish...but that's not a requirement...what is a requirement is a loving and caring attitude and the ability to learn and grow with the young bi-lingual minds she's shaping. Katie is wonderful with her kids, but more importantly she LOVES what she does! 

Meet Katie Day!     


If you'd like to nominate a teacher for the Golden Apple Award, just go to our website http://westernslopenow.com      and click on the BIG Golden Apple!


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