Good Neighbors Help Save Kids and Their Home From an Alley Fire

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Grand Junction fire crews responded to a structure fire about 5:45 pm on Thursday, July, 9 in the alley of the 2900 block of Formay Avenue in Grand Junction.

The flames hit the fence before spreading to the garage and a telephone pole that supplies the neighborhood block with power. The heat was so intense it melted the vinyl on the neighbor’s garage across the alley.

KREX5 arrived on scene and spoke with the homeowner who told us the fence, the side of the garage, most of the chicken coop, and the irrigation system is destroyed, but the mother of five is thankful for good neighbors, and the compassion of a complete stranger.

Teran Brodum says, “A bystander had been driving by, and saw the alley way on fire, and he stopped, and immediately pulled into my house, and got my kids out of the house, and got all the neighbors rallied up, and everybody got their hoses out, and was just spraying down everything.”

Brodum was at work when she got the alarming call from her kids saying the alley was on fire, but the kids and the chickens are alright. “I’m just glad that everybody’s okay, and that the bystanders were there to help because it could have been a lot worse, ” says Brodum.

The cause of the fire is unknown and still under investigation.

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