Governor Polis ends COVID-19 State Health Emergency

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo — In a video on Thursday, Governor Jared Polis announced, “we’ve reached an important milestone and we’re ending the health emergency declaration.  That’s something we can all be very proud of as Coloradans.”

The governor’s decision to lift the executive order shifts the state focus from a health emergency crisis to recovery.

Some state lawmakers say the decision should’ve come sooner and thought the governor’s order limited the duration of this year’s legislative session.

Colorado State Representative, Janice Rich says, “when we went back into session in January, we were only there for three days and then the majority party shut us down for a month and I don’t know that was necessary.”

With the order now lifted, businesses and people can operate under no restrictions — other than those they impose on themselves.

Health officials say the county’s protocols won’t change because of the decision.

Stefany Busch from Mesa County Health says, “nothing’s really changing, we are still able to offer and give free vaccines in multiple locations across our county, including here at Mesa County Public Health, free of charge.”

Elected officials say getting vaccinated should be left to the individual, but continue urging residents to follow the data, research, and science.

Rich added, “do your research, listen to our health experts here in mesa county and make your decision, but you do need to get on to live your life.”

Busch also says, “the best way to protect yourself and your community and to get rid of any chances of getting rid of Covid is going to be that vaccine.”

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