Thirty people entered the city cannabis license lottery, but only 10 emerged winners.

Through a double-blind selection process, each applicant was randomly assigned a number, and then a separate official not present for the first drawing selected the winning numbers. Councilman Pe’a told us it was a fair process, “This was very fair there was zero doubt and everybody could witness witnessed the whole process  I’m very satisfied with the way it was done.”

we spoke with one of the 10  winners, Alaameen Abdool owner Golden Rookie. He chose close to the end of the meeting.  He told KREX  tensions ran high, “Very high, I was so nervous as you can see my hands were all sweaty but I’m very confident that we will give back to the community and we will be a good business.”

He told KREX  he’s glad this is over and looks forward to the future, “It’s been a long journey and I did not think that this would be possible. But I’m so excited that I actually got the opportunity here

Abdool told us he couldn’t say much but he’s in the process of making a tv show out of his dispensary. Councilman Pe’a told us he’s excited about what the businesses will bring to our community in more ways than one, “Since we’re losing out on money and I wanted it to go to the rec center so I’m hoping that we will be able to get that rec center built once we get all those ballots counted.

The ten winners who will be opening their doors in the next year are:

  • Lucky Me Dispensary, LLC dba Lucky Me Dispensary
  • Cam Cap dba Grand Junction Greenery
  • Canna Care, LLC
  • Western Colorado Marijuana, LLC dba The Garage
  • Golden Rookie, LLC
  • RJJ Grand Junction, LLC dba Native Roots Grand Junction
  • Kai Dispensary, LLC dba Kai Dispensary
  • Colorado Greens, LLC dba The Green Horizon
  • Colorado Alternative Health Care, Ltd., dba Colorado Weedery
  • Zuma B, LLC dba Elevate