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Grand Junction Participates in March For Our Lives

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Millions of people marched Saturday in cities across the world for gun control and school safety during the March for our Lives event and Grand Junction was no exception.

In a student-led march, hundreds of people rallied Saturday afternoon for gun control.

"While the majority of students are not able to vote because they're not of voting age all of us know what we're talking about and we're not ignorant and we're educated and we have very strong beliefs on what we're pushing for," said McKayala Vigil, student activist.

The event was held in response after 17 people were fatally shot at a school in Parkland, Florida --"We believe that everyone deserves to be safe at their respected institution of education," said student Emad Shahnousi.

And now students, teachers, and parents bearing posters want to eliminate gun violence.

"In no way is it ban guns and anti-gun movement. It's a gun reform movement," said Vigil.

Beth Rakestraw, a protestor said, "I think we need some common-sense reform in terms of what people are allowed to do."

These activists and protestors are taking it step by step to try to make a difference, "Checking backpacks and not letting students in the school with a gun," said 1st grade student, Dylan, calling lawmakers to listen and take action on the issue.

Vigil said, "I think people show their support in numbers and when's there's more numbers that urgency is made clear to lawmakers and it's made clear to society."

Rakestraw said, "Please stop taking money from the NRA, that your constituents are more interested in common sense gun regulation than perhaps your paying attention too."

While some of these activists and protestors are underage to vote they still feel like they can make a change within society.  

Dylan said, "If I be president I can change the world and I can change everything, I can change gun violence."

A national school walkout has been planned for April 20. It's the anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

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