Grand Junction Police Physical Agility Test

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A lot goes into becoming a police officer, including a physical agility test.  The latest Grand Junction police hopefuls ran through that course with the start of their law enforcement career hanging in the balance.

“I think being a police officer is such an amazing opportunity,” said Paula Labbitt, one participant in the course. 

Months and months of training goes into this one moment, and nerves are known to make an appearance. 

“You don’t jump through windows and over fences everyday, you can only prepare as much as you like too,” said Scott Siegle, one participant in the course. 

When the going gets tough, the support system can help push you through. 

“It’s a positive environment everyone is encouraging each other and it’s an exciting atmosphere,” said Siegle. 

If your interested in trying the course next year, officers recommend to start training now. 


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