GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KFQX)- Getting ready for the summer peak, some major changes are arriving to the Grand Junction Airport. New things coming range from repaved sidewalks and runways to an engine run-up path for West Star, a company that keep the planes working well.

TSA’s structure has already been modified where more people can pass through every hour, while the construction work has no layover. Every renovation in this plan is meant to help make traveling in and out of the airport even smoother.

“Things are tight at the airport,” Angela Padalecki informs, “We’re shuffling folks around and making sure that we can continue to grow even while we’re doing the construction, but most importantly, this construction enables us to move into the future with grow with far nicer and better maintained facilities before.”

These plans has been up the airport’s sleeve for several years now. Machinery was imported to make these changes a success.

Parts of the airport like the taxiway haven’t seen any renovations since opening in 1982. While many enjoy using GJT and see change about to happen, a few first-time passengers have changes of their own they would like to see.

“There’s not a lot of outlets available,” Jared Bell notices, “so charging your phone or something real difficult because they’re not necessarily next all the seats.”

“Grand Junction is a lot easier to get out of find your baggage find your gates and so on,” Justus Platt appreciates, “but there’s also a lot lack of restaurants and other things that other airports do have.”

As these changes progress, airport passengers are advised to come in at least twenty minutes earlier than usual, so that everyone can board their flight. $13 million of the grant money is in use right now with the other $7 million being put in later.

Construction is anticipated to be done starting mid-June but no later than the fall.