Have you complained about the condition of the roads in Grand Junction?  Well, a recent report about those roads says the poor conditions are affecting you more than you probably  think.  
“It showed that here in Grand Junction, 76% of our roads are actually in poor or mediocre condition,”  said Kristi Pollard of the Grand Junction Economic Partnership.
Due to those conditions, the TRIP report estimates citizens of Grand Junction spend an average of $629.00 annually due to the damage and vehicle depreciation these roads can cause. 
“During economic down turn, $600 dollars a year is real money for a lot of people,” said Pollard.
The report also took in into account the cost of accidents and fuel expenses from delays, so driving on Grand Junction roads costs the average driver $1,264.00 a year.  
“We need to find a way to be able to prioritize the maintenance of the roads and additionally looking at expansion of some of the roads as we look at congestion,” said Pollard.  
The condition of the roads is something the city says they know about, as they have a plan to fix them. 
“We know that they are deteriorating and that’s why we have stepped forward with a plan to where we catch up and get some of these roads where they need to be,” said Phyllis Norris, Mayor of Grand Junction. 
The plan is an initiative on the upcoming April ballot to use money the city already has to fix the current problem.
“It’s not a tax increase but it will help us get caught up so that we can take care of our roads today and it’s a need for today,” said Norris. 
This report served as a wake up call, so expect to see more road repairs in the future.  “We have a lot of work to do,” said Pollard.