GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — The City of Grand Junction is making moves to improve mobility. Bike riders and walkers take to different trails all over town and the public works team wants to expand those opportunities.

“We definitely want to make sure our community is bike and pet friendly, especially as the price of gasoline goes up,” City of Grand Junction Public Works Director Trent Prall expresses, “We want to make sure that folks feel safe with those alternatives to take other modes of transportation.”

One Pedibike study online dates back to what Grand Junction roads were like 20 years ago. The city is now preparing a new mobility study to modernize its entire system and take biking and walking trails, bridges and roads to the next level.

“It’s a significant effort to augment what is already been in the works for the last 20, 25 years whichplan together that will look at a more comprehensive study than anything the city had completed in the past,” Prall mentions.

There’s a lot planned to increase and improve mobility over the next five years. This includes finishing up current projects like a better bridge at 24 Road.

“We’ll have a new trail on the east side of Leach Creek and that’ll connect up and go underneath G Road and connect up to Canyon View Park,” Prall discloses.

Bikers treading trails at Lunch Loop will also find new connections opening more paths to explore.

“Monument Road Trail, Phase 2, to connect up the Lunch Loop Trail with the South Camp Road, that’ll make a nice 9-mile loop.”

Public Works and the Downtown Development Authority reached a final verdict to keep Fourth Street and Fifth Street as one-way roads, but both agree some things need to change.

“We’ll add some pretty significant bike improvements with bikeways proposed on both Fourth Street and Fifth Street,” Prall announces, “That’ll make those great north and south corridor for bikes as well as well as a widened pedestrian experience.”

The final touch on the upcoming mobility study is to have residents weigh in.

“There will be plenty of outreach and opportunity for public comment is part of that and we really look forward to engaging with our community,” Prall assures.

Putting Grand Junction residents on the road to a better and safer place to get around.