Grand Junction’s Parks And Rec Department Forced To Make Tough Decisions About Closures

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Grand Junction’s Parks and Recreation Department, oversees more than 900 acres of open space. The department has had to close many popular amenities like; picnic areas, basketball courts, and playgrounds. The decision was made easier thanks to Governor Polis’ “Stay-At-Home” order. Places where people congregate and use shared equipment is the main focal point of the closures. Places like bike paths, golf courses and disc golf remain open. The department is also working hard to keep public restrooms clean and open. We spoke with Ken Sherbenou, director of the city’s Parks and Rec Department, he says social distancing is key to providing the amenities the community relies on, “We encourage people to engage in those activities, but just do so in a way that is not going to hurt our efforts to limit the spread of this virus.”

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