260 people gather at City Hall to participate in the national Tax March on Saturday, April 15. The March is calling on President Trump to release his tax returns, and is held on the traditionally acknowledged deadline for filing taxes. 

Releasing tax returns is not required for presidents, but has been done voluntarily since the 1970s. “We’re here today about transparency. We think that it’s really important for our democracy to have access to the truth, and hiding tax returns really prevents us from being able to have access to that,” says Allison Conlon Perry, one of the organizers of the local march. Trump has not released his tax returns because he states he has been under audit. 

Many at the march say it is important for both parties to work together on such political issues. “It’s so transcendant because what we need is to stop identifying with parties and come together over issues. And that is what this is – it’s a coming together over an issue,” says Harmon Lisnow, a participant in the march.

Some present at the event said they had formerly been registered with the Republican party, but felt the need to support the march. “Because it isn’t just a one party issue. This is about all of us,” says Brenn Luff, a participant in the march.

Those at the march say the ultimate goal is transparency in politics.