Grand Valley Bike Month continues with Handlebars for Health event

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The Grand Valley Bike Committee recommends 20 to 30 minutes of exercise daily. Handlebars for Health promotes bike activity, inviting the public to come out for a ride.

This event wants the bike to work for people’s health and not other way around. To include everyone, Colorado Discover Ability’s staff and volunteers come ready with adaptive bikes, continuing to give people with disabilities a chance to ride as well.

“We adapt, that’s what we do,” Michele Trittau states, “We just find a way to make it work for them so that they can ask independent and find a way to experience as well.”

Different vendors come together to spread knowledge along with allowing people check up on their own health and wellness.

“With programs like CDA and events like Handlebars for Health, they don’t just get you on a bike and go,” Cora Dickey clarifies, “Whether it’s your first time riding or first time in a while, they’re gonna be with you every pedal of the ride, making sure the bike is made for you.”

Doing any level of outdoor activities has helped a number of CDA volunteers become more active and even Olympians. What they want is now to keep the cycle going, helping others.

“If you can ride a bike once a week with CDA, you could go home and ride a bike three times a week,” Jeffrey Almond expresses, “so they are helping encourage exercise and motivation to help benefit your health.”

Grand Valley Bike Month goes throughout the month of May. Some organizers and attendees hope handlebars for health becomes an annual event.

Until then, Colorado Discover Ability and the Riverfront Trail are open for outdoor recreation this summer and beyond.

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