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Grand Valley Catholic Outreach Expands Day Center To Help Rising Homeless Population

Holds Prayer Vigil Before Construction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - For over 30 years the Grand Valley Catholic Outreach has opened their hearts and their doors to the homeless.

On Thursday, they've began renovations on their Day Center just down the street from their soup kitchen.

The outreach center offers basic needs for the homeless, like a place to do laundry, shower, eat, and take shelter during the day with roughly 100 homeless people utilizing the services daily.

During the renovations, the day center will be out of service to those who stay at the shelter during the day, but they'll still be able to access the necessary services provided.

"We're doing a bless. We're renovating and then adding on to the day center which has been here for about 21 years literally serving the needs of the homeless her on the street", says Beverly Lampley the director of the Grand Valley Catholic Outreach.

"Catholic Outreach has a really important mission filling a critical need here in the community. Just working on these projects as an architect makes you feel good at the end of the day", says Eric Mendell an architect for Chamberlain Architects.

the renovations were made possible thanks to a collaboration between Chamberlain Architects and SHAW Construction.

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