It’s official. The Grand Valley Horse Rescue is celebrating their new location where the goal is to rescue horses period and it’s more important than ever. Helen DeVergie, known as Memaw at the rescue center says, “Right now in the United States there is a large quantity of them being shipped across the border to Mexico being slaughtered, and with the economy the way it is almost every rescue filled up because people can’t afford to keep their horses.”

The non-profit launched back in October 2020 by a group of eight children ages six to eleven. In that first year, three horses were rescued, two were surrendered and two were adopted. Now, years later the group of volunteers has grown to 30 strong. “I don’t get paid to do this,” said volunteer trainer Kylie Bray. “This is a privilege.”

The program teaches volunteers about teamwork, business management, compassion, acceptance, and perseverance. There are 24 total horses at the center and the organization needs your help. Memaw says, “Our monthly hay bill is $2,000. So, we’re always looking for sponsors, community support, and we are looking for anyone that can help.”

It costs $450 a month to care for each horse and each volunteer works with a horse six to eight hours a week for up to nine months. The adoption fee is $250, but knowing a horse is healthy, happy, and safe is priceless. “Her real name is Rosarita Dance, and she came off a racetrack in Denver, and she didn’t do very well. And so, we got her instead of her going to be slaughtered,” said Bray.

The Grand Valley Horse Rescue connects children with horses and the organization keeps growing because more horses need care, but until they get adopted, they are in loving hands. “Once we have a horse that comes into our rescue, they are safe forever,” said Memaw.

The volunteer work at the Grand Valley Horse Rescue can’t be done without donations. If you would like to donate, volunteer, or adopt a horse in need of a wonderful place to call home, click here and giddy up!