Grand Valley residents receive hate mail regarding yard signs for human rights

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)- Residents report anonymous hate mail that, they believe, was prompted by yard signs supporting social equity, inclusion and justice. Jennifer Hancock is a proud ally preparing to teach American Literature for the fall semester.

Getting these mailings broaden her awareness to empathize with different backgrounds in the classroom.

“It’s just reminded me how important it is to expose students to other cultures and other points of view,” Jennifer Hancock expresses, “Getting this kind of heat now brings at home what my students of color, or my minority students. might be going through.”

The mail has no sender address but was sent through the postal office. Sending hate mail is not just seen as rude, it is also a public offense.

“While everyone has the right to voice their opinion, everyone also has the right to know that sending hate speech through the mail is a federal crime,” Cora Dickey reports.

Members and supporters of many human rights make up a fraction of the Grand Valley community. Hate speech being delivered to home can be a threat to take down signs and flags.

Some prideful homeowners of Colorado see it as a sign to stay strong.

“I will absolutely not take my signs down,” Human Rights Supporter Deborah Monaghan asserts, “I think it’s important that we all stand together for everybody’s rights. I wish everybody would respect other people’s ability to be who they are.”

Mesa County Sheriff’s Office has received a report of the mail and is currently investigating.

If you receive hate mail, report it to Postal Inspectors and keep the letters as evidence. The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone to report harassing messages they may receive.

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