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Grand Valley Transit began 20 years ago in Mesa County. The city bus service burns methane for clean exhaust, has bike racks so you don’t have to travel far after your stop, and they’re making stops every 15 minutes.

20 years later, Grand Valley Transit is still moving forward, even during the Coronavirus pandemic, but traffic has drastically changed. Grand Valley Transit Coordinator, Andrew Gingerich says, “We typically have about three quarters of a million boardings a year.” But, with no school, no downtown traffic, and no airport traffic, bus business is way down. “Ridership since COVID-19 has gone down about 50 or 60%,” says Gingerich.

During COVID-19, the wheels on the city bus are still going round and round to get you where you need to be. Gingerich says, “During this time we have asked that riders only ride for essential travel.”

Kevin Fanning is a frequent bus rider to make the work and after work commute and he loads his bike on the bus for more than mile trip home after his stop. ” Itake the bus everyday. I commute, I ride, and I take bus.”

The world doesn’t stop spinning during the pandemic and neither does Grand Valley Transit, and they’re taking precautions to keep you safe. ” We disinfect the bus twice a day with an electrostatic sprayer. The windows are cracked to create airflow. You’ll also see a barrier between the driver and the rider. There’s some seats marked off to keep the driver a distance from the passengers, and the big one is that we recommend people wear their masks,” says Gingerich.

Business is struggling everywhere in the country during the Coronavirus, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing for bus business. “The buses are emptier, and the people are able to spread out and practice social distancing on the bus,” says Gingerich. That’s coincidence, but Grand Valley Transit has another precaution put in place to create more distance just in case. Kevin says, “They have a shadow bus that runs behind it if it’s too crowded. so, it’s a good service. i highly recommend it.”

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