Grand Valley’s public pools need new recruits amid lifeguard shortage

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)- Lifeguards stay on duty in the the Grand Valley. They keep heads above water from performing CPR to teaching swim lessons. The safety standards set inspire current students to be in the next generation of lifeguards.

“I want to go through swim lessons for the whole summer because I wanna learn how to be a lifeguard,” Aspiring Lifeguard Oliver shares, “I like the diving board. I’m not worried about drowning once I finish all of this.”

Each lifeguard goes through immense training to prepare for any emergency. Some procedures and equipment have changed but lifeguards keep safety a priority.

“Right now 70 lifeguards make up one huge team to patrol the pools at Lincoln Park, Orchard Mesa and Palisade,” Cora Dickey reports, “The team is stretched out so that people can be safe whether they’re taking a splash or wading in the water.”

70 lifeguards may sound like a lot but the pool could use some help.

“Every spring, it’s always a hiring frenzy and we try to get as many quality people as we can.” Grand Junction Recreation Supervisor Larry Manchester mentions.

While the current lifeguards on duty do well, the parks and rec team always want new recruits to patrol.

“We would like to have a few more but we got a great staff that are willing to pick up the slack and make sure that our safety requirements are met, because that’s the number one thing is we want to make sure that we take care of the patrons when they come in,” Manchester expresses, “I would put our staff I will put them up against anybody.”

The Grand Valley seek lifeguards who keep safety a top priority. being a lifeguard isn’t just a summer job as orchard mesa’s indoor pool needs lifeguards all year.

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