For some people taking the bus is easier than flying, and it’s a whole lot cheaper. But, what happens when that bus doesn’t show up? Some travelers going from Grand Junction to Denver found out the hard way on Thursday morning after being directed to the wrong stop, and for one man missing the bus could mean life or death.

Patrick Pittman said he is traveling to Dallas for a heart transplant. Patrick uses a left ventricular heart assistance device that pushes blood to his heart, but the battery only has a 12 hour charge. After buying his pass through Greyhound, Patrick says his phone directed him to the Shell Gas station on Horizon Drive in Grand Junction with seven others to be picked up at 11am. 55 minutes later when Greyhound arrived, they were refused.

The wheels on the Greyhound kept going, but the passengers were stuck, including a woman with a service dog. After hours in the heat, a good gas station attendant handing out free water, a series of phone calls, and a shared cab ride, the passengers finally got to their stop at the Grand Junction Regional Airport to take a different bus through Bustang. But, there is one other problem for Patrick. His heart assistance battery was activated at 8 am, Bustang takes him to Denver at 4 pm, and the bus to Dallas leaves at 8 pm.

A Greyhound representative reached out to KREX and asked for all the displaced passengers contact information to resolve the situation.

Pittman says as soon as he gets to his destination in Dallas, he’s getting a lawyer and filing a lawsuit.