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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — The viral spike has people panic-shopping again, but this time, there should be enough to go around.

Across the country, consumers are starting to gut store shelves, buying paper towels, hand sanitizer, baking mixes, and even wine, but for this second wave, grocery chains and food manufactures say they will be able to meet America’s urge to hoard.

Our local City Market is preventing another round of shortages by temporarily setting purchase limits. The grocery store wants to ensure all customers have access to the essentials, so each person is limited to two packages of paper towels, toilet paper, and disinfecting wipes. Customers say the store’s shelves are stocked, and while some people appreciate the restrictions, others from larger families are worried about having enough.

Joshua Lehman, a local man, says, “we’ve seen how the first wave of this pandemic knocked us out of cleaning supplies for months. I think we should’ve been limiting them longer.”

Meanwhile, John Carrey, a man from a family of five, says, “I’d say roughly around 4 is the right answer, not just 2 per household, because there’s a lot of people in each household.”

In addition our local Walmart also has limits for purchasing cleaning products and sanitary supplies; that is, one per customer.

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