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Gubernatorial Debate Heats Up

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The ongoing debate between Colorado governor candidates Walker Stapleton and Jared Polis continues to heat up as last week we heard from Polis, but his absence at the Club 20 meeting had his opponent talking.

In several tweets and ads, both Stapleton and Polis have been accusing each other of having bad attendance when it comes to government meetings.  

Polis who played an ad called 'Where Is Walker' accuses Stapleton who is Colorado's State Treasurer, of missing more than 50% of the Public Employee Retirement Association board meetings. Stapleton argues "This is a recycled attack the Democrats have used and [I will] not get mired in the pettiness of politics."

And another campaign ad ran by the Republican Governors Association points out Jared Polis' decline to the Club 20 meeting citing scheduling conflicts.

But even though Polis has made his appearance in the Grand Valley, Stapleton says Saturday's meeting is crucial for candidates.

"For 30 years Club 20 has been recognized as a non-partisan organization that has been a cheerleader for the economic growth of Western Colorado and I think it's deeply unfortunate and disappointing that my opponent chose not to honor the bi-partisan decision of Club 20 and not join me here for this kick off debate," said Stapleton.

He adds his focus is on the issues that matter most which are economic opportunities, making health care more affordable, and finding long-lasting fixes to infrastructures challenges.

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