The gun control battle continues in Colorado, and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Executive Director, Taylor Rhodes has a message to all the gun owners out there. “Our goal right now is to take back our state. Take back the freedoms that were stolen from us by tyrants at the local level and at the state level.”

RMGO has filed half a dozen lawsuits in the state to strike down any measure they say violates the right to bear arms, and he says the gun owners are winning. “We believe that Colorado, based on our litigation, will be a completely different place in the next 2 to 5 years,” said Rhodes.

The no-compromise non-profit gun rights lobby has sued Boulder County, the cities of Boulder, Louisville, Superior, and the state of Colorado twice for tightening the grip on gun control. Rhodes says, “When we sued our goal was to effectively ban any attempt to ban assault weapons and reverse the 2013 magazine ban.”

The Colorado mag limit law bans magazines holding more than 15 rounds of ammunition and was passed in July 2013 in response to the Aurora mass shooting in 2012 and the Columbine shooting in 1999. Colorado Ceasefire, a gun reform group, has fired back at the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ campaign with a response.

President Eileen McCarron says, “The magazines do not serve a purpose for home defense, self-protection, or hunting. They enable mass shooters to kill a large number of people in rapid fashion, and don’t believe the means should be in civilian hands. We regret that the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is more interested in keeping lethal firearms and accessories readily available than they are in saving people’s lives.”

Rhodes says, “It couldn’t be further from the truth.” He fires back at McCarron’s statement. “This is nothing but fear mongering,” said Rhodes. “If they wanted to make people safer they would end gun free zones, they would pass constitutional carry and they would empower people to be able to own and use guns responsibly.”

After numerous mass shootings sending ripples of fear and confusion across the country, the gun control versus gun rights battle continues in Colorado, but this fight takes funding and the RMGO organization is seeking money for its legal fund because Rhodes says battles like these aren’t cheap.