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April 27th was the start of the “Safer at Home” Order and the start of retailers serving their customers curbside. On Friday, May 1st, retailers and personal services like hair salons, got to open their doors to customers as long as they follow strict guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now, Monday, May 4th is the next stage of reopening Colorado under the “Safer at Home” Order. Many Coloradans get to go back to work under strict, COVID-19 precautions and other non-critical businesses, like gyms, get to open their doors to customers.

Regularly exercising can reduce stress, reduce the risk of developing health issues, and boost your immune system so you can fight. Fitness consultant, Rashad Jensen, with Mesa Fitness says, “The fitness industry is a very good way to combat the virus. the healthier the immune system, the healthier the person, and the community.”

Mesa Fitness is protecting your health while you exercise by following strict guidelines like wearing a mask for both staff and gym members to stop the spread of COVID-19 while you feel the burn. “Even though you have to wear a mask, and there’s gonna be some new rules you have to follow, get back into it. Cause, that’s the biggest thing is just starting again,” says Cruz Muniz. If you thought going below parallel on squats was tough before, try it with a mask. Mesa Fitness member, Drew Mendez says, “It’s definitely a lot harder to breathe, but I’m just trying to think of it as I’m working out in altitude. Might even be better for your lungs a little bit.” “You can take a breathing break, but we are requiring you keep the mask on as long as you can during your workout,” says Jensen.

Mesa Fitness has also limited the cardio equipment to every other machine to create plenty of safe space for social distancing, and gym members are required to spray and wipe off the equipment after use, and they’re not the only ones. “Staff, every hour on the hour is wiping down pieces of equipment.”

Some gyms may kick you out for grunting and dropping weights, but not Mesa Fitness. Rashad says, “You can grunt, we can clang and bang. We understand that you’re gonna lift heavy.” You can yell all you want, but was once being a good gym neighbor, is now a mandatory step. “You must wipe it down after use. What that used to be was more of a courtesy. Now, it’s a requirement,” says Jensen.

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