Hands-on Work and High Enrollment at WCCC

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – The local community college is doing everything it can to ensure students stay on-track with classes and complete programs on-time.

Western Colorado Community College has been working with the county and area hospitals to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The students I spoke with Wednesday said they’re grateful that the college has figured out a way to get them the hands-on experience they need, while maintaining the scheduled graduation date.

“We’ve implemented social distancing measures, we’ve implemented one-way isles, doors are propped open, handwashing stations,” said Brigitte Sunderman, the acting VP of WCCC, “I think it means a lot to our students,”

“Being able to have a set graduation date still, instead of pushing it back, is fantastic,” said Chelsea McCullough, a vet tech student at the college.

“I am grateful so far that we haven’t had to change anything because pretty much everything is based off of my graduation date,” said Shannon Thomas, another student in the program.

“It’s really hard to learn animal handling online or anatomy online,” said McCullough

“Right now we have hybrid classes so what can be taught online is taught online,” said Thomas.

“The students are thanking me just because they’re here getting the skills they need and they can move forward,” said Sunderman.

According to WCCC, enrollments are looking really good for the fall.

“Right now they’re higher than they were this time last year and we’re excited about that and hope to maintain that,” said Sunderman.

An achievable goal, especially since Colorado Mesa University and WCCC decided not to raise tuition.

“I probably would not be able to be here if they raised tuition,” said McCullough.

A helpful decision by the university for students.

“I think it sends out a message that you are important as a student,” said McCullough.

According to Sunderland, this crisis has also provided lessons for students.

“I think the message is to be nimble, you know, to move with the times, to help the students realize that there’s always something you can gain from some sort of chaos,” said Sunderland.

If you or anyone you know is interested in enrolling at Western Colorado Community College this Fall, click here.

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