GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo (KREX) — Locals and tourists will soon enjoy the sounds of nature and beautiful canyon scenery. This announcement is just in time for the spring and summer seasons.

The forest foundation awarded a trail work contract to the trail repair company, Sea to Summit. It started work in late April and made quick progress.

Leanne Veldhuis, Eagle-Holy Cross District Ranger, says, “they have expertly fixed and secured bridge one back in place. The goal was to get bridge one back in place before spring runoff peaked. They’ve removed the old bridge two, which was knocked into the creek and now they’re in the process of building the rock abutments, stabilizing the banks, where a new bridge two will be installed.”

Yes, that might seem like a mouthful, but repairs are ahead of schedule and so are reservations, which open to the public on May 23rd. Lisa Langer, Glenwood Springs Director of Tourism, says, “you’ll be able to make your reservation, it’s much earlier than expected than we thought we were going to be able to open this trail.”

Officials are still looking at ways to make the trail safer in bad weather.

Jamie Werner, with the White River National Forest Stewardship, says, “so looking at the alignment, looking at the materials, looking at the user experience. Looking at all those things to make this trail as sturdy, resistant as sustainable as possible.”

Glenwood Springs Mayor Pro Tem, Charlie Willman is also excited to see the trail reopen.

Willman also says, “this is a priority for Glenwood Springs because of the importance of Hanging Lake both our local economy and to the life and quality of both our visitors and our citizens.”

Looking further down the trail, the National Forest Foundation plans to invest more than $3,000,000 dollars to maintain the trail over the next three years and ensure it meets the growing demands of tourists and locals.