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Haunted House Controversy

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - A local haunted house spooked Grand Valley residents during Halloween, but workers say what's really scary is how they were treated. They claim there were safety violations, dangerous working conditions, and many of them have yet to be paid for their work. 

Haunted houses are supposed to be scary, and those who visit can have fun knowing the ghosts and scares aren't actually real. What it's not supposed to be is a nightmare for the workers. 

But that's exactly what some employees say happened to them at this year's "Nightmare at Old 6&50", a seasonal haunted house put on in the Mesa Mall. 

The haunted house was organized by Billy Lampshire, a Grand Junction realtor. Lampshire has also been at the center of a financial dispute involving a youth football league. 

Employees at "6&50" say there was no shortage of things that went wrong, from many of the workers being minors, to questionable fire code checks. And many claim they still haven't been paid. 

Juan, a worker at the house who did not want his face shown, says a number of employees who worked around 7 hours with no breaks still haven't been paid yet, and when he was finally handed a check for his hard work, it bounced. 

But Jennifer Gentile is more concerned about the lack in safety. She claims there were rooms filled with fog, fake blood on the floor that actors and customers kept slipping on, and even shards of glass. 

She actually slipped on the fake blood and injured her hands while working. Lampshire says he was not made aware of the injury. And she, like Juan, says she still hasn't received her pay. 

Lampshire claims that employees are being paid, it's just a long process. The bounced check, he says, was the result of a paused bank account, and workers will instead be paid in cash, or over Venmo, an online payment service. He asks that workers remain patient as money is distributed, and that everyone, except those that were fired or caused damage, will receive their paycheck. 


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