HAWK is a place for people to learn how to fly a plane, and to fix them. HAWK stands for High country Aviation Workshop for Kids, and it is turning out a generation of young pilots.

Any kid can get involved! Most students who become members of HAWK Aviators find out about the program through air shows, referrals, or word of mouth.

HAWK is a nonprofit for kids who want a career in aviation. The program has four hangers full of airplanes, gliders, and hot air balloons.

By logging in actual work hours, kids get the opportunity to study and test to receive their pilot’s license or certification to become an aircraft mechanic. Some students even win scholarships to attend flight school and go on to become a pilot

The kids get hands on training, and can earn big bucks without necessarily getting a four year degree. Putting them in a position in which their future is wide open.

Just another reminder that life is beautiful.

To get involved, visit the HAWK website www.hawkaviators.org