Healing Through Gaming

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Two former soldiers living in the Grand Valley are trying to bring the veteran community closer together in a way that might surprise you.

Beau Martin and James Halbrooks come from different walks of life but both served in the military.

They met through a program at the VA Center here in Grand Junction, where they found they both had a passion for gaming.

Martin and Halbrooks said it was a way for them to get out of their shell and decided to make it a group activity for other veterans.

Tango Down aims at giving veterans a safe space where they can have fun, while also opening up about personal issues they may be struggling with.

“I just want to continue doing something that I enjoy with people I enjoy being around,” said Beau Martin, Co-Founder of Tango Down.

“Ever since I met Beau and started playing video games I have been more active, especially out in the community,” said James Halbrooks, Co-Founder of Tango Down.

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