HEALS Act: Why Grand Junction’s City Manager is upset with the 1st drafts

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — A new Coronavires relief package may be rolling out of the United States Senate. But one local leader, along with many across the country, is less than satisfied with how the bill is written so far.

The HEALS act is a $1 trillion stimulus bill introduced by the senate in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill acts as a supplement to the CARES Act which is the first coronavirus relief package.

As of now– the bill is only in its first drafts. But, so far, some local government leaders, like Grand Junction’s City Manager, are upset with the lack of funds for local government expenses, especially after promise that the heals acts would lend itself to these expenses more than the CARES Act.

“Working with our national delegation, they kept promising that in the next bill we would receive revenue shortfall distribution. We cannot cut in police and fire and 911, we have to answer every 911 phone call and so, therefore, we aren’t gonna water the parks as much– we are going to reduce expenditures in other areas to provide those essential services.”- Greg Caton, Grand Junction City Manager

Despite the lack luster first drafts, Grand Junction’s City Manager says he remains hopeful that the heals act will fill the local government funding gaps the CARES Act had.

We will keep you updated on this bill’s progress.

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