Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters appeared at the Justice Center on Tuesday for two separate court cases. Both hearings are postponed until August 5 on mutual agreement from attorneys on both sides.

Peters, who is currently running for Colorado Secretary of State, was in high spirits on Tuesday, June 14 as she strolled from one courtroom to the other to be at each arraignment. “Vote for me. I’m going to save Colorado,” said Peters when walking to the first arraignment scheduled for 3p.m.

Peters then made reference to a movie called, “Selection.code” debuting next month (July 17), on alleged voter fraud telling voters to go to to see the two minute trailer.

In March, a judge removed Peters from working in the clerk’s office under any capacity after a grand jury indicted her on multiple charges, related to a data breach involving the county’s election equipment.

Judge Barrett on that case also told Peters, she is not to have contact with anyone who works at the clerk’s office.

This all stems from forensic images that Clerk Peters took of Mesa County’s Dominion Voting Systems then making fraud accusations in both the 2020 November General Election and the 2021 Municipal Election.

Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein investigated Peters’ report of criminal fraud in the Dominion Systems, and found human error to be the cause.

Both of the hearings have been postponed until August 5th.