GRAND JUNCTION Colo. (KREX) — Despite the recent drought and hot weather crops in Palisade are set up to have a successful harvest.

Brian Hessling of Just Peachy Orchards said peach trees thrive in the hot days and cool nights in Palisade.

“Our first peaches will be picked around the first of July,” said Hessling, “By in large its going to be a good crop in the Palisade.”

While peach trees might love the hot Palisade days, they are not the only crop growing in Palisade. James Ferguson, general manager of Talon Wines said all his suppliers are on the right track through the heat.

Talon Wines makes wines from a variety of crops including lavender, strawberry, and rhubarb.

“We’re on track to have a good growing season,” said Ferguson. It would be a big bounce back from last season when some cold snaps disrupted the crops Ferguson added.

Both Ferguson and Hessling said that while the current drought isn’t affecting crops at the moment, if it continues it could be detrimental to future harvests.