GRAND VALLEY, Colo. (KREX) – The Western Colorado Latino Chamber of Commerce is a portal to services and opportunities for Latino communities and that’s what sets it apart. Building membership means collaborating with businesses and organizations like Child and Migrant Services.

Based in Palisade, CMS has been active in the Grand Valley for the last 50 years. The Latino Chamber of Commerce creates a stronger bridge for members serving Spanish-speaking clients.

“There’s more than one language that everybody speaks able to speak in the language of your heart speaking feel more comfortable,” Child and Migrant Services Executive Director Nelly Garcia expresses, “It’s not about what language do you speak it’s what you bring and the power that you bring to the community.”

Co-founding member Louise Goodman was president of the Latino Chamber of Commerce when it started in 2013.

As president of Timberline Bank eight years later, she appreciates that the organization she helped build thrives off inclusivity.

“It’s a great way to network with other business people within the community,” Original Western Colorado Latino Chamber of Commerce Member Louise Goodman reflects, “One of the things we really tried to do in the beginning was to make the Latino chamber very inclusive, so it is not a requirement to be Latino or Hispanic, nor do you have to speak Spanish.”

Members of the Latino Chamber have different backgrounds but its events increase culture awareness for everyone living in the valley.

“They don’t know who we are and, sometimes, are afraid of what they don’t know,” Garcia continues, “Events really show who we are and represents and the way that it brings us together.”

The Western Colorado Latino Chamber of Commerce makes our community more inclusive by buildings awareness and breaking down old barriers, not just during Hispanic Heritage month but all year long.