When “George Crawford’s” house was seen for sale, a little investigation took an interesting turn.

“People naturally assume that Crawford lived there, but he owned the land… but actually the Whites built the house,” David Bailey from The Museum of The West cleared up.

A different house for sale, right next door, housed a different legend of The Grand Valley. That legend is Sheriff Doc Shores. A man familiar with that fine line between lawman and outlaws, he crossed paths with the infamous.

“He knew all the legends of the west, he kicked the Earps out of Gunnison City,” Bailey added.

Sheriff Shores’ most famous capture, the cannibal Alfred Packer, must have done something to earn the sheriff’s trust since he would leave his son in a cell to be babysat by Packer when he would leave for hours at a time.

Whether its the Colorado River, the Grand Mesa or the National Monument… the thing about western Colorado that can stick have the biggest effect is the people’s history.

“When I tell stories about Doc Shores and outlaws and the wild west, the kids eyes get really big,” Bailey says.

If you didn’t already know the history, 7th street might have just become a lot more interesting.