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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — “The passion is definitely for the outdoors and teaching people about it,” Elizabeth Stover shares.

Elizabeth Stover is an advocate for active living. Between her love for the water and skills as a licensed yoga teacher, she opened a that business swimmingly blends the two: stand-up paddle boarding.

The pandemic ignited a bigger spark between people & outdoor recreation.

“It was just, I think a sense of relief for them to come to and get the gear if they didn’t have it or couldn’t afford it; and go outside and enjoy the sun, the fresh air, everything that’s really good for you during these times of COVID,” Elizabeth Stover reflects.

The efforts Elizabeth took to skyrocket her business during this time is what friends describe as remarkable. With a vision starting at Highline Park, Elizabeth made a way for people to connect closer the Colorado River.

For stand-up paddle boarding, this is just the beginning.

“We have a sister company now, starting this year, called Grand Junction Adventures,” Elizabeth Stover reveals, “It has definitely expanded to more possibilities with my husband working with me and friends too that we’re partnering up with other businesses to provide additional services to highlight this beautiful area that we live in.”

In the midst of expanding shops, Elizabeth hopes for her vision and business to be kept in the family the most .

“We’re doing it with our kids, my husband and I, with introducing them to all different types of sports besides the regular norm ones; more adventure sports to get them outside, enjoy fresh air,” Elizabeth Stover expands.

An active mom with a business and her head above water. This is what makes Elizabeth Stover a remarkable woman on the Western Slope.

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