Everyone has goals they want to accomplish before they die and now the community can all get together and share them.

“Art is an intricate part of our life and I think it’s sad when people don’t take advantage of it,” said Lee Borden, Executive Director of the Art Center.

But starting this month people will have the opportunity to share their artistic skills and life views on chalk boards displayed around the community.

“Art I think is one of those things that people often want to put on their bucket list –I learn to draw, I learned to paint, or throw ceramics.”

HopeWest will host their second year of the Before I Die wall –chalkboards displayed in eight locations so people can reflect on life goals. Tuesday morning CMU and the Art Center participated in the event.

“The first person I thought about was ‘Where does everybody go all the time?’ Art and it was the Art Center,” said Mary Watson, part of the Advanced Planning Task Force.

Simply visit one of the many participating locations in the month long event, grab a chalk, and then write down what you would like to do before you die.

“Go to Alaska, get married, very personal things, come out to my family,” said Watson from some of the things she has seen during the Before I Die wall last year.

The project will then lead to National Healthcare Decisions Day for people to learn about the importance of advance care planning.

“Dr. Laura Campbell about how to talk with your physicians and health care providers of advance directives, medical decisions you do and do not want.”

And a goal for the community to share their aspirations.

“I hope that people will be a little more aware that life is short and there are things we all want to accomplish and this maybe give people a little [motivation] to do it,” said Borden.

If you have a goal you want to write on the chalk board wall you can visit one of the locations listed below:

The Art Center -1803 N 7th Street

April 3-7th

Two Rivers Convention Center -159 Main Street

April 19th 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Central Library -443 N 6th Street

April 23-27

Crossroads Fitness Center & Rocky Mountain Health Plans -2768 Compass Drive

April 9-16

Fruita Community Center -324 N Coulson Street

April 23-27