Aubrie Hughes was born with half a heart, but that doesn’t stop her from spreading the holiday joy.

“It’s exciting to distribute them and know that they’ll be going to patients that will be spending time in the hospital over the holidays,” said mother of Aubrie, Mandy Hughes.

The Hughes’ family distributed care packages for the third year in a row –to deliver to patients who are going through a similar situation.

Community Hospital spokesperson, Karen Martsolf said, “A gesture like this from a loving family in our community that help brighten the holidays means the world to our patients and it really does go a long way.”

This year 175 holiday bags will be distributed and those who get them can expect much more.

“They had a lot of extras, so this year instead of trying to see how many can make, we just made them a little more full this year.”

St. Mary’s and Community Hospital were the ones to receive the holiday bags, but although the family does not get to personally meet the patients, they can be assured smiles and happiness fill the room.

“Children and adults alike are overwhelmed with joy when they receive these care packages, it’s just such a wonderful thing, it’s unexpected when they’re spending time in the hospital over the holidays.”

The Hughes’ family was very lucky to have their daughter released on Christmas Eve and they hope a miracle happens for these patients too.

“We just hope that they’re out before Christmas would be our goal, but just they they have a happy holiday and get to spend time with family and friends.”

The family will continue to do this for the upcoming years and hope to keep sending to as many more patients as they can.