House Democrats Campaign Group Helping Mitsch Bush Try and Flip CO-3

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WASHINGTON- The race for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional district continues to gain national attention.

On the democrat side of the aisle, it was announced Monday democratic candidate Diane Mitsch Bush was added to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committees Red to Blue Program.

The committee is the U.S. House Democrats official campaign group and is based in Washington D.C.

The DCCC’s Red to Blue program features just over 30 democratic house candidates across the country.

According to the committee’s website, the program helps bolster these candidates the committee believes could flip their house districts from republican to democrat control.

“We help with fundraising, we help that making sure their organizations are strong, help with staff training, and just making sure these candidates are in the strongest position possible to win in November,” said Brooke Goren who runs communications for the DCCC.

In 2018 Diane Mitsch Bush lost a fairly narrow race in the 3rd Congressional District by about 7 percentage points to republican incumbent Scott Tipton. Tipton was unseated in this summer’s primary by Rifle business owner Lauren Boebert.

The DCCC feels given Mitsch Bush’s narrow loss to Tipton in 2018, her chances against Boebert are high.

“Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is looking like it’s going to be the most competitive U.S. House races in the state of Colorado,” Goren said.

The DCCC says it has added Mitsch Bush to its Red to Blue program because of Mistch Bush’s record as Routt County Commissioner and state representative, but also due to her grassroots campaign efforts. Goren also says the fact that Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District race won’t have an incumbent like Tipton on the ticket adds a new element.

“We also know this is going to be a competitive race because it’s an open seat this year,” Goren said. “The republicans’ decision to nominate someone who is pretty far outside the mainstream on a host of different issues makes this race even more competitive and one that we are excited about investing in.”

Lauren Boebert’s campaign is garnering national attention too. At the end of July she appeared in Grand Junction with senior Trump Campaign adviser John Pence for a local Republican Party event. She was also invited to Washington last week to watch President Trump’s presidential nomination speech at the Republican National Convention.

Over the weekend Boebert appeared at the Cameo Shooting Complex in Mesa County for another Republican Party event alongside U.S. Senator Cory Gardner and other prominent Colorado republicans.

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