GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — On March 22, the Board of Commissioners approved just over $230,000 to purchase approximately 13,500 gallons of white paint and 9,600 gallons of yellow paint to re-stripe the roads of Mesa County. During the presentation given by the Traffic Department that day, Commissioner Scott McInnis asked, “How many miles do we have to paint each year?”

While the number of miles that needs to be painted may change from year to year, we can take a look at the numbers presented to the board that day to see how many miles $231,988.50 worth of paint will re-stripe on the Western Slope in 2022.

Commissioners were told that Mesa County has a total of 708 miles of paved roads, with 406 of those miles being striped lanes. The intention of the 2022 Re-striping Project is to re-paint 370 miles of roads using the 77 barrels of paint, with each barrel holding 300-gallons.

Using those numbers, each barrel of paint will cost approximately $3,012.84, and the county will spend roughly $627 per mile, or .12 per foot, to redo the lines on over 90% of the county’s roads.