How the Eviction Moratorium ending will affect Homeless Shelters

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. – Just days after a broader eviction moratorium expired on August 1st, the government issued an order to protect renters behind on payments who live in areas with high rates of COVID-19 transmission, for a little bit longer.

The new Moratorium has been extended until October 3rd, but HomewardBound of the Grand Valley is already preparing,

“We’ve been concerned for quite some time, ever since the Moratorium first went in place, that it could create a situation because of people being unemployed because of COVID where they get so far underwater that there’s just no hope of recovery,” says HomewardBound’s Greg Moore.

However, an executive order from Governor Jared Polis protects Colorado tenants who have pending Emergency Rental Assistance,

“If you applied for Emergency Rental Assistance before August 1st, you have 30 days, not 10, before your landlord can file an eviction in Colorado,” says KREX5’s Reilly Spence.

40.5% of Colorado adults are living in households not current on their rent or mortgages, according to a Census Bureau’s survey.

The Pathways Family Shelter in Grand Junction is preparing for an influx of people needing housing assistance very soon,

“Individuals are currently receiving notice and just letting us know that they know they’re going to be leaving their current residence; they’re trying to find storage units, they’re trying to prepare, they’re trying to be mindful,” explains Pathway Family Shelter’s Clarita Inman.

HomewardBound encourages everyone to be understanding during this difficult time,

“I know having been in places myself when for one reason or another I wasn’t able to meet the obligations I’d committed myself to… That’s a very difficult place to be,” continues Moore.

If you, or anyone you know face eviction, HomewardBound and its Pathways Family Shelter say they are preparing beds and creating space for those who need it.

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