MESA COUNTY, Colo. — The Colorado National Monument is one entity of the National Park Service which would benefit from Senator Gardner’s Great American Outdoors Act.

Senator Cory Gardner’s Great American Outdoors Act passed the Senate a few weeks ago in a 73-25 bipartisan vote.

The bill would provide $12 billion dollars to address maintenance needs in national parks across the country.

It would also fund the land, water, and conservation fund at $900 million dollars annually.

The superintendent of the Colorado National Monument says the park has about $20 million dollars of deferred maintenance this legislation would address.

Big projects include basic trail maintenance and about $14 million dollars in maintenance needs for the monument’s scenic Rimrock Drive.

“The majority of it is associated with Rimrock Drive and the 230 plus culverts and retaining walls but then our water system so we have two water lines feeding two 100,000 gallon tanks… that is a substantial project that is a part of that deferred maintenance.” – Nathan Souder, Monument Superintendent

Senator Cory Gardner tells us the house will vote on his bill by the end of July, and it’s likely the president will sign the bill into law if it reaches his desk.