How the national coin shortage is impacting Mesa County residents

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. — Here in Mesa County, we’re still in phase two of reopening, but now, a national problem is coming home, and it’s hitting your change tray.

For some, doing laundry is a difficult task these days– finding change is like finding gold.

“The banks won’t give it, no stores will give it… so, you gotta be sneaky. That’s kinda sad.” – Aric Brandon, Laundromat user.

The Federal Reserve shortchanged the banks by limiting the number of coins. KREX 5’s Rob Hagan went out to the places where cash is usually convenient and talked to businesses and consumers.

“Tried to do laundry last week, and I had to go to two different laundry places to get $10 in quarters because the first one kicked me out,” says Brandon.

Some customers are giving back to local businesses by exchanging their change, and others exchange currency safely, during COVID-19.

KFC customer Wesley Parrish says, “if I pay anything in cash, and I use bills i’ll spray the bills first because I have a little alcohol bottle I carry with me, and when they give me the change, i’ll spray it before I do anything else with it.”

The coin shortage is just one of the many ways COVID-19 is impacting the economy, many people are not aware of the new issue.

We asked Wesley at the KFC drive thru if he knew about the shortage prior to the interview, and he said “he had no idea”.

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