How To Make A Birdbath or Birdfeeder

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Here’s how to make a birdbath with candle sticks and bowls!

Step one:Choose a candlestick. You’ll want to find a candlestick that has a larger base and has some weight to it. You’ll be adding a bowl and eventually water so we want to make sure it is stable for our feathered friends. Another option:  If you don’t have any candlesticks, you might look at taking apart an old lamp as the base. 

Step 2: Choose your bowl. You’ll need a top to your birdbath. It can be a bowl or a similar shape  that can hold water. I would recommend it be weather-proof and preferably not too heavy – so plastic or  light-weight ceramic would be best. 

Another option: If you wanted to add birdseed instead of water you could find a neat plate instead of a bowl.

Step 3: Attach the base (candlestick) to the bath (bowl). I recommend “Liquid Nails” to attach the two together. Simply add glue to the top of the candlestick and the bottom of the bowl. . Press and hold for about a minute. I like Liquid Nails because it can adhere ceramic, metal, wood, concrete and other materials to each other and will withstand the weather. There is a cure time of a few hours, so we won’t want to put our masterpiece out in the rain right away. I also used a caulk gun for the liquid nails to help me control my glue a little better. Be careful when you attach the glue to the caulk gun because it may ooze out at first. 

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