GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (FOX 4) – While FBI, state and local criminal investigations into Mesa County Clerk, Tina Peters’, alleged voting machine security breaches continues, more than one-hundred people gathered to support Peters Wednesday.

Those who showed up to support Peters, pushed vaccine conspiracies and also held signs against vaccine mandates, and Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

Federal, state, and local authorities searched the homes of Peters and former Lauren Boebert campaign manager, Sherronna Bishop last week, both attended Wednesday’s rally.

Peters continues to stage public appearances while under criminal investigation and claims she would take the same actions all over again. “I just knew there were election irregularities,” Clerk Tina Peters says, “So I did what any business person would do and anyone that is elected by the people, and one of their main jobs is to protect election records, that doesn’t fall on anyone else, that falls on me and I will keep fighting.”

Republican State Representative for District 60, Ron Hanks showed up for Peters.
Hanks, who is running for US Senate, announced he’s working on legislation to create watermarked paper ballots like currency and wants to eliminate Colorado’s successful and popular mail in ballot option. “It’ll have watermarks, it’ll have holographic images within, and they will not be able to be duplicated” Representative Hanks says, “It’s time has come and those ballots by the way need to be returned in person, and with an ID, there’s no more mail in ballots.”

He didn’t attend Wednesday’s rally but, Colorado Democratic party Representative, Nico Delgado responded to Hank’s remarks, saying: “Insurrectionist and leading Republican Senate candidate Ron Hanks is using this election conspiracy rally to prop up his campaign that’s rooted in the big lie.”

Mesa County District Attorney, Dan Rubenstein, returned our call to his office confirming their investigation into Peters and Bishop continues.