Ice cream social and street dance kicks off Peach Fest

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A little rain wasn’t going to stop the 52nd Palisade Peach Festival, and lightning was on the guitars of the Peach Street Revival band. “What makes it the best festival ever is that we’re back for sure,” said Dixie Burmeister, an organizer for Peach Fest.

The festival was cut short in 2019 because of a fire causing an evacuation, then it was canceled last year because of the pandemic, but the festival is back and the growers need it more than ever. Dixie says, “We had that freeze last year and it was devastating for our growers, and even in 2019 in the fall in October of all times there was a freeze. So, our growers needed a good crop, and boy, do they have one.”

The proof is in the two pound peach, and the peaches are the reason for the festival being celebrated by the town grouch crowning the new peach queen with pride. “I was peach princess back in 2013 when I was eight, and since then, I’ve always looked forward to for a chance to become peach queen, and I think being in this role I’m especially honored to represent the peach growers in this loving community,” said Kyla Mcclary, Peach Queen 2021. Dixie says, “That’s why we have this celebration every year is to celebrate the growers, the peaches, and what it’s meant to this valley, and building it from the very beginning since the 1800’s.”

It was a great day for jacket weather and it was also a great day to kick off the Palisade Peach Festival, and the sweetest part is that it’s an ice cream social and it’s a dance party. Peach Princess, Daisy Helmer says, “They have a good taste together because of the juice of the peaches. It’s like mmm melting in your mouth with the peach juice.” Peach Queen Mcclary says, “Now that we can do it, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. Especially, with the amount of peaches we have growing this year.” “It is truly a peachful experience I would say,” said Burmeister.

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