Increase of ethanol in gasoline could be damaging your vehicle

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. – (KREX) Around the country, 97% of filling stations offer gas blends with at least 10% ethanol, known as E-10.

What most don’t know is that ethanol can affect how easily your vehicle starts, runs, and how efficiently it operates. “If you are a car person and you really love your car, you probably know never to go to the regular fueling stations, you are going to be looking for ethanol free fuel,” Skyler McKinley, AAA Region Director says, “If your car was built after 2003 it can generally handle the ethanol blend that is in our fuel.”

Some fueling stations are pumping gas with up to 15% of ethanol, and as more ethanol is mixed, there is a higher chance for corrosion. “You are able to find stations that have ethanol free fuel, but they are rare,” McKinley says.

Websites like, can help consumers learn what’s in their gas, and where the best places to fill up are. “I come here (Sinclair off HWY 6) all the time for my Harley because it has the ethanol free gas, I know its higher, like a dollar higher per gallon, but its really the only way to go when you’re driving performance based machines,” JP Taylor, Grand Junction resident says.

While many Americans worked from home this pandemic, their cars were left sitting still and susceptible for ethanol corrosion to your cars engine and fuel system parts. “So if you’re not driving a lot you might be running into some damages from that ethanol sitting in your gas tank for this period of time,” McKinley says, “On cold mornings you might have some engine starting issues, that is generally a sign that there might be a trip to the mechanic sometime in your near future.”

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