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The Initiate Conference is great for many different people.

Dusti Reimer, who’s the Founder of Experience Education Foundation says, “it stems from anybody who is a beginner, small business, sole proprietor, to people who oversee large organizations with multiple people, clients, businesses. We wanted to bring more education here for people on the Western Slope.”

The conference is for those in and around the Grand Valley.

Reimer also says, “we have a large enough population base for a conference, so instead of traveling and taking maybe one person to go spend three thousand dollars at a conference in Denver or Los Angeles or something like that, we have enough people collectively here that are pursuing excellence to bring that here to the Grand Valley.”

Many people come to the conference to learn more about their field.

Victoria Horne, the Marketing Assistant and Media Coordinator at The Lewis Agency says, “we just came here as a company. Just to see what the Grand Valley is doing, what our clients are looking for, what our competitors are doing. Kind of just because we’re in this ever-growing, ever-changing industry.”

There are break out sessions during the afternoon that is focused more on individualized learning.

Horne also says, “we get to choose one out of four speakers, and so we get to pinpoint where we can learn more as far as an agency goes. Visit with them and talk to them after to pick their brains on social media, marketing advertising, kind of what’s the next step. How we can better our clients and take that back to them?”

The first day of the event is focused mainly on communications, while Saturday is more focused on the marketing side of things.

If you’re interested in attending the second day of the conference, you can register online or at the event.

A single day ticket is $199

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