About 17 months after its ground breaking Community Hospital is now providing an inside look at its brand new $50 million facility.


   One of the new features that the hospital offers is an Interventional Radiology Center, which also has the capability to serve as an operating room.
   That’s in addition to the four  operating rooms within the new building.
   Built throughout the hospital is a pneumatic tube system, even more high-tech than what you see at banks, with the unique ability to send prescriptions throughout the facility.   
    If you’re interested in having an all-access look for yourself, tomorrow is your only chance.
“On Monday, March 7th we are going to start what they call terminally cleaning the hospital to make sure that all of our operating rooms are sterilized and clean for opening day and ready to see patients on March 17th.” said Karen Marstolf, marketing director for Community.
Another service the hospital is looking forward to offering will be the labor and delivery of babies, with state-of-the-art rooms for the mothers.
    One of the features that officials are most excited to show off is the *autopsy suite which will be home to the county morgue.

   The public open house is happening tomorrow from 1-4p.m.  at 2351 G road.
   A shuttle from Canyon View’s parking lot will be available.