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The number of Americans under instructions to stay at home has steadily surged upwards in recent weeks now, accounting for a stunning 95% of the population, according to The New York Times.

Officials say a staggering 16.8 million Americans have lost their jobs within just the last three weeks, and the rest are working from home now, making the internet an essential need. Grand Valley Telecommunications’ field technician, Mike Sexton says, “You can live without cable, but most people are finding, they can’t live without internet.” Systems Administrator, Tom Ciotti says, “The biggest thing that’s changed is how fast everybody wants it. You know, everybody’s calling and wants it yesterday if they can do it.”

According to the Colorado Stay-At-Home-Order, telecommunications are considered a critical part of the infrastructure serving a critical need. 5.7 million Coloradans have instructions advising the staying at home, and since the whole family is in the same space, internet needs go up, and internet speed goes down. “Watching movies and tv shows, home schooling, video conferencing. They’re the ones that are the real resource hog when it comes to using your bandwidth,” says Ciotti. Sexton says, “I got kids in school myself. Video conference with the teacher every morning. Without Internet, that’s not possible, and the kids won’t be able to complete school. Seniors won’t be able to graduate. College students will basically lose their tuition.”

Before COVID-19 for a lot of people, the internet was more of a want for entertainment. But, during COVID-19 everyone’s staying home, and if you don’t have an essential job, the internet is now an essential need to work. “The Netflix stuff, the entertainment value has gone out the window. It’s more about working and staying home. Everybody wants to make sure they can do everything at home,” says Ciotti.

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