Investigation of a Possible Staged Election Complaint

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On June 16th, registered voter, Ann Brach reported seeing ballots flying out of the drive-up ballot box at the Mesa County Elections parking lot. Now, the clerk is calling her bluff.

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, Tina Peters says, “Immediately, myself and a Secretary of State elections representative went and looked at the video, and found that it may have been a staged event.”

Peters says a red Ford pickup pulled up to the drive-up ballot box the Tuesday, June 16th, and video shows the driver placing two ballot envelopes on the drop box, but not in it. “Looking at the video. The gentleman had not put them in properly, and they were just laying there ready to come out,” says Peters.

Also, Brach who calls herself a “determined voter” but who’s not aligned with the recall petition against Peters, says the votes cast last fall by her and her husband were not counted properly. Peters says simply, that’s not true. “We looked at their voter records and found that they were indeed counted. All these things together lead us to believe that this was a staged event to cast a bad light of the elections department.”

Now, Peters says this determined voter is determined to derail this primary when she was heard telling voters, “they should not deposit their ballots in the drop box.” Now, the Mesa County Clerk is determined to seek justice at the Mesa County Justice Center by consulting the district attorney, and the Grand Junction Police Department to conduct an investigation. Tina says, “In regards to what the DA or the police department do, that’s up to them.”

Go to the link here to check the status of your vote and to check your information.

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